com.abtinbidgoli by Day, Sports Card Investor by Night. I develop splendid & congenial user experiences that nurtures seamless interactions & delightful impressions to engage people to organizations via enthusiasm, knowledge & nuance when I'm not indulging in Sports Cards.

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As a young lad, I had a few hobbies that distracted me from the never ending cycle of life. Basketball, especially living vicariously through the Los Angeles Lakers & Baltimore Bullets, the late great Black Mamba & Pistol Pete, & collecting basketball cards helped me pass time during my childhood.

Having said that, this seed was planted way back in 2012 where Arian Bidgoli, Brian Bales & I were all on the same AAU basketball team, the Northridge Silver Bullets with Timothy "Doc" Green as our head coach, reminiscent of the late great Wes Unseld.

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Dream Team

com.abtinbidgoli Sports Cards Box Breaks

Abtin Bidgoli

UX/UI Developer

I develop pages from HTML markup, CSS cascading stylesheets & unobtrusive JavaScript for behaviors on Visual Studio Code before hosting on GitHub's infrastructure.

com.abtinbidgoli Sports Cards Box Breaks

Arian Bidgoli

Hueristics & Logistics

However, it may be necessary to provide documentation to help users understand how to complete their tasks. Keep it concise, & list concrete steps that need to be carried out.

com.abtinbidgoli Sports Cards Box Breaks

Brian Bales

Chief Operation Officer

The loose ‘mission statement’ is to educate & inspire young people on our shared journey of living happier, more productive lives. This is the perfect role for someone who is hungry to learn & grow.

com.abtinbidgoli Sports Cards Box Breaks

Kobe Balas


Consult your team ~ there is a team of allies & experts standing ready to support you in successfully executing the important responsibilities of being Marshal.

com.abtinbidgoli Sports Cards Box Breaks

Free Agent ~ Hibachi ~ Agent 0

Chief Marketing Officer

You’ll work directly with me to help create written & video content for my YouTube channel & website, & help manage & grow the businesses that surround these endeavors.

com.abtinbidgoli Sports Cards Box Breaks

Free Agent ~ Digital Illustrations

Post Creative Strategist

There's no bureaucratic paperwork or super-long protocols to follow. You'll wear multiple hats, & have lots of freedom & creative control to hopefully impact & give hope to people.

Our Initiative

Helping Hand Initiative was established to promote community service & philanthropic endeavors to foster the development, benefits & satisfaction of being a servant leader.

100% free

St. Jude is leading the way the world understands, treats & defends childhood cancer & other life-threatening diseases.

Made with love

The mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is to advance cures & means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research & treatment.

Fully responsive

Consistent with the vision of St. Jude founder Danny Thomas, no child is denied treatment based on race, religion or a family's ability to pay.

Fast & light

I've pledged to donate a portion of our annual sales to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, a not-for-profit, section 501 (c)(3) corporation.


By donating to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital you acknowledge the children & families affected by childhood cancers & emphasize the importance of supporting the research & treatment of these life-threatening diseases.

For creative like you!

Thanks to your support during these uncertain times, we won't stop until no child dies from cancer.

Sports Cards are Assets

PSA, BGS, SGC & Raw Cards, Factory Sealed Hangers & Boxes from All Sports

100% Risk Involved

Investing in cards involves substantial risk of loss, volatility & is not suitable for everyone.

Retina Ready

Solutions ranging from low to high investment, considering budget, risk tolerance & unmet needs.

PSA, BGS & CSG Grading

Maximize your potential & effectiveness by advising which proprietary PSA, BGS & CSG to select as a vehicle to optimize your sports cards value.

Free Pre-Screening

Quick, cost-effective, free pre-screening technique for identifying major imperfections & issues with your sports cards gaining insight early.

The Sports Gap

But then again, even if they didn’t lose their license, I don’t think vintage cards are gonna lose value. You’re gonna see fluctuations in prices of sports cards.

Sports Niche

Sets like Flawless, Immaculate & National Treasures feature low-numbered cards, finding the most impressive patches paired with high-quality on-card autographs.

Happy Clients Say...

Doing the best I can with the data that I've been given.

“I found my old basketball cards from when I was a young lad watching Kevin Durant's rookie season with the Seattle Super Sonics. I was fortunate enough to keep my cards in somewhat decent condition, having said that Brian took the initiative to properly sleeve my only Base Rookie Kevin Durant card while informing me all the nuance details for grading with PSA. Brian made it easy & cost effective. I highly recommend his services. ”

Abtin Bidgoli, UX/UI Developer
com.abtinbidgoli Sports Card Investor by Night

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Brian Bales, Chief Operation Officer
Sports Cards Box Breaks by com.abtinbidogli Chief Operation Officer

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Kobe Balas, Marshal
Sports Cards Box Breaks by com.abtinbidogli Marshal


Peace of mind fixed-price deals carried out on-time & on-budget. Live Box Breaks will be opened LIVE on Instagram & then shipped to the customer via com.abtinbidgoli on Instagram



Factory Sealed Hangers & Boxes

  • 8 Football Cards
  • 10 Basketball Cards
  • 2 Factory Sealed Hangers
  • 1 Factory Sealed Box

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Factory Sealed Hangers, Boxes & Live Box Breaks

  • 8 Football Cards
  • 10 Basketball Cards
  • 6 Factory Sealed Hangers
  • 3 Factory Sealed Boxes
  • 2 Live Box Breaks via IG
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Factory Sealed Hangers, Boxes, Live Box Breaks & PSA, BGS & CSG Grading

  • 8 PSA, BGS & CSG Graded
  • 10 PSA, BGS & CSG Cards
  • 26 Factory Sealed Hangers
  • 13 Factory Sealed Boxes
  • 8 Live Box Breaks via IG
Whatever Works

Highlight Reel

This is my rendition of a tribute paying homage to the masters of their domains, respectively.

Kevin Durant Rookie

Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard. Work harder than your opponent. ~ KD

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Ja Morant Rookie

I have to be extremely better, I feel like I was a no-show. We can't have that. ~ JM

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Tyler Herro Rookie

Work hard. Treat everybody with respect. That's really what it comes down to. ~ TH

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Deandre Ayton Rookie

I used to get butterflies when I'd see big dudes. I don't get butterflies no more. ~ DA

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